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Podcast Studio Project

It's official: We're ON AIR

Visit Duniway Podcasts here.

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Duniway Middle School Podcast Studio

In honor of Ronan Godfrey

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This podcast studio is a tribute to Ronan Godfrey's passion for creativity and communication, and is testament to his enduring spirit. We hope this space will inspire generations of students to explore, express, and amplify their voices. Dedicated with gratitude to Ronan Godfrey for his lasting impact on our community.

Click here to learn more about Ronan.


Students can share their stories with this new professional podcast studio! They can record music and edit their projects too. The equipment matches the McMinnville High School podcast studio so their experience will set them up well for when they move on to MHS.


If you feel passionate about helping TLF maintain this project and the opportunities it offers the kids, please consider donating today!

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